Create Ledger

In this section, we will login to our AWS account, create the QLDB ledger, and setup our development environment.

Login to your AWS console

Visit ( in a web browser. Select “IAM user” and enter your AWS account ID.


Enter your IAM user name and password and click “Sign In”.


After logging in, you are redirected to the AWS console as shown below.


Note the selected region in the upper right-hand corner of the console. Set this to a region that supports QLDB. The examples in this lab will use US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1. Find Services

Launch the Amazon QLDB Console

Navigate to Amazon QLDB by finding it under the list of services under Database, or you can find it by typing it in the search bar at the top.

Find Services

Create your ledger

In the navigation pane of the Amazon QLDB console, go to the “Ledgers” page and then click “Create ledger”: Create Ledger

On the “Create ledger” page, enter “ion-lab” into the Ledger name box. Then click Create ledger. Enter Ledger Name Enter Ledger Name

You can access your ledger when its status becomes “Active”, which may take several minutes.

Create tables and indexes

On the left side of the QLDB console, click “Query editor”. Select “ion-lab” in the Ledger drop-down box.

In the query editor panel, enter the following query and click “Run” to execute it. Note that the CREATE TABLE statement does not include a schema definition.

create table Person

Query Editor

Now create an index on the Person table. In the query editor panel, delete the previous query statement and replace it with the statement below. Click “Run” to execute it.

create index on Person (PersonId)

You can verify that your table and index have been created by expanding the items under the Ledger drop-down in the query editor.

Verify Table