Working with Ion Lab (Java)

In this workshop, you will learn how to create and manipulate Amazon Ion documents using Java and how to store, retrieve, and update Ion documents in Amazon QLDB.

There are several ways of creating Amazon Ion documents for use with QLDB. The Java tutorial in the QLDB Developer Guide does a good job of demonstrating how to use the FasterXML Jackson library to map a Java “plain-old Java object” (POJO) object model to Ion documents for use with QLDB, so this workshop will not cover Jackson.

Instead, this workshop will you teach you to build Ion documents using the Amazon Ion Java library. This document-style approach is useful in lighter-weight applications, such as data load programs and AWS Lambda functions, where a Java object model is not necessary. The workshop will also cover converting Ion to and from JSON, since many customers integrate QLDB with applications that process JSON-formatted data.


This lab should take approximately 60-90 minutes for most users.




To complete this lab, you must have access to an AWS account and sufficient privileges to administer QLDB ledgers. See Accessing Amazon QLDB for more info.

You should also have a basic understanding of computer programming, preferably in Java.