Verifying a Document Revision

This section describes the steps to verify a document revision against a previously saved digest using the Amazon QLDB console. In the navigation pane, choose Query editor.

  1. From the ‘Ledger’ drop down box choose the ledger name in which you want to verify a document revision.
  2. In the query editor window, run the following query to retrieve a document id and its associated blockAddress from the committed view.
SELECT, r.blockAddress FROM _ql_committed_VehicleRegistration AS r WHERE = 'KM8SRDHF6EU074761'

The document id is a system-assigned unique identifier. The blockAddress specifies the block location where the revision was committed.

  1. Copy and save the id and blockAddress values that your query returns. Be sure to omit the double quotes for the id field.

  2. Now that you have a document id selected, you can start the process of verifying it. In the navigation pane, choose Verification.

  3. On the Verify document form, under Specify the document that you want to verify, enter the following input parameters:

    • Ledger—the ledger in which you want to verify a document revision.
    • Block address—The blockAddress value returned by your query in Step 3
    • Document ID—The id value returned by your query in Step 3 Verification
  4. Under Specify the digest to use for verification, select the digest that you previously saved by clicking Choose digest. If the file is valid, this auto-populates all the digest fields on your console. Or, you can manually copy and paste the Digest and Digest tip address values directly from your digest file.

  5. Review your document and digest input parameters, and then choose Verify.

The console displays the results of your request in the Verification results card.