QLDB Fundamentals Lab

In this workshop, you will learn how to use Amazon QLDB features and core functionality including writing queries, cryptographically verifying documents, and designing a data model. You will also learn about the PartiQL query language and the Amazon Ion data format.

This workshop guides you through steps to create your first QLDB ledger and populate it with tables and sample data. The sample ledger you create in this scenario is a database for a department of motor vehicles (DMV) application that tracks the complete historical information about vehicle registrations.

We chose to model a DMV sample application because it offers a variety of theoretical scenarios and operations that highlight the usefulness of a ledger database. More specifically, QLDB provides the ability to store immutable and cryptographically verifiable data owned by a trusted and central authority. Storing and retrieving a complete and unaltered history of vehicle registration data in a DMV application provides a relevant example of these features.


This lab should take between 15-30 minutes for most users.




To complete this lab, you must have access to an AWS account and sufficient privileges to administer QLDB ledgers. See Accessing Amazon QLDB for more info.